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providing holistic vocal TRAINING for singers and speakers LOOKING TO ALIGN MIND, BODY & VOICE – offering 1:1 vocal coaching sessions, online trainings and intensive coaching programs.

- Jessica-Brittany Smith, Jaibee Music | New York

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Hi Guys!

I'm Jenisa

vocal instructor, energy worker, entrepreneur and NYU graduate dedicated to giving YOU the tools you need to find freedom and alignment of your voice, body and mind.

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Get a taste of the Holistic Voice Methodology and enjoy LESSON ONE of Vocal Performance Booster Pack – a series of pre-recorded training videos as well as mental, energetic & vocal tools – for FREE.

Created so that singers and speakers can conquer their performance anxiety and share their voice with freedom and ease.

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A FREE 3-Part Training Series designed for singers to develop healthy vocal coordinations for creating a louder, "belt" quality in their voice.

Included are three vocal exercises that release vocal tension, allow you to explore your resonators, and develop strength and endurance for your voice.

**Musical scales and vocal exercises can also help speakers develop strength in their speaking voice.

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The Mindful Singerʻs Guide Through Performance Anxiety is a FREE PDF training intended to give you exercises and guidance for heightened peace of mind.

Providing tools in mindset, breath and energy to compliment your vocal work. Training works for singers and non-singers alike.


The Holistic Voice Methodology allows you to recognize panic before it takes over, restore the flow of energy in your body, and to find flexibility, endurance, confidence, and grounding with your voice.

Customized singing and voice lessons, online trainings and intensive coaching programs targeting issues such as physical anxiety, negative self-talk, perfectionism, "blackout" moments, speaking off the cuff, and cracks, breaks or flips in the voice – allowing you to sing and speak with freedom and fearlessness.

What is the holistic voice Methodology?

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JdC Voice is dedicated to providing tools in vocal coordination, mindset, and energy work so that using your voice becomes a holistic practice.

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A 2 Month Intensive Group Coaching Program designed specifically for singers & speakers with heightened performance anxiety.

Designed to give you tools and techniques for not only vocal growth, but also for implementing long-lasting change in mindset, habit, energy, and voice.

Available for singers and non-singers alike. Check back for the next enrollment.

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1:1 singing

1:1 speaking

1:1 & Group PROGRAMS

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The Always Discover, Never Fear Monthly Subscription is a space for committed Singers and Speakers looking to align their mind, body & voice, to leisurely discover – and expand on – their vocal skills.

Utilizing the Holistic Voice Methodology, we gain the tools to master our breath control, focus our minds, channel our energy, and…most importantly, find ease, strength and flexibility of voice and song. All sessions are 60 minutes. These would be suited for those looking for more traditional voice lessons.

        *ADNF is offered in 3 Tiers: 2 sessions, 3 sessions, or 4 sessions a month.

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feel creative, inspired, and motivated to use your voice.

What could be in store for you?

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The Vocal Performance Booster Pack provides the holistic knowledge you need to build a positive relationship with your vocal performance.

This is a sneak peek into Holistic Vocal Transformation: Foundations – a 2 Month Program for Singers and Speakers with Performance Anxiety. ​​

Enjoy WEEK ONE of pre-recorded video trainings in order to gain the holistic knowledge you need to build a positive relationship with your vocal performance.

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