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energy release.

Guide your energy to it's purest form and release any energetic stagnations in the body, resulting in emotional, mental, and physical catharsis.

what is energy release?


The Energy Release technique requires the practitioner to use breath and meditation exercises to cultivate and transfer energetic waves through the life force energy making up the client's physical body and mind.


By doing this we increase the vibrational frequency in the body and increase the voltage in the cells, which results in the shifting and releasing of damaged or stagnated energy blocks.


Over time we are able to rebalance the energy flow of our entire system, resulting in mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

With Jenisa's training in Energy Healing and extensive study in brain science, she has developed a system that incorporates not only energetic release, but also Intuitive Readings after each session. These readings target the relationship between energetic centers, physical tendencies, and mentality, allowing you to move forward with more knowledge of your own body and mind.

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Vocal Energy


60 min session balancing vocal tools with neuroplasticity, visualization, breath, and in-depth energy work. We work more slowly on the voice, incorporating even more mind/body awareness into the practice.

90 min session incorporating the practice of Energy Release

as well as an Intuitive Reading. These sessions release any energetic stagnations in the body, resulting in emotional, mental, and physical catharsis.

Energy Release



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