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5 things to up your gratitude.

a FREE mini training giving you the tools you need to move forward with more gratitude and awareness.

how to use this training.

put everything aside and dedicate your mind to this workbook download and video training.

Hi! Welcome to my mini training, 5 Things to Up Your Gratitude!

It is so difficult to recognize the things that we do well sometimes. It is even more difficult to thank and APPRECIATE ourselves for the little wins and successes we accomplish throughout life.


And... if you look back on your own life, I'm sure you have so many wins! So why aren't we nicer to ourselves?!

The answer is that we're human.

HOWEVER, if we shift our focus and learn a little about how our human brains work, anything is possible.

I created this training in the hopes that I, myself, would be better able to extend gratitude towards myself and others in order to lead a more fulfilled life, and I developed a set of tools and insights that allow me to appreciate things on a deeper level.

In the following video and workbook, here's what you'll attain:

Insight on how the brain creates and changes habits. The words you use to speak to yourself MATTER!


How gratitude chemically affects the brain, and how that ultimately enhances your overall well-being.


A step-by-step routine to follow nightly that allows you to wake up happier day to day.

Recommended order of affairs:

Download and read through the workbook.

Keep your workbook on hand and watch the video to get even deeper insight into the training.


Practice every night!


After a week, reach out and let me know how you feel!

I'm so excited for you to try this out! Happy practice :]

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