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JdCV voice and wellness methodology.

Tools for vocal coordination, coupled with exercises that help balance your energy and mental health.

what is voice and wellness?

Created by Jenisa de Castro and inspired by her own vocal journey, the JdC Voice voice and wellness methodology is designed to provide more vocal progress, whether in speaking or singing, in a shorter amount of time by eliminating first the physical or mental traumas that are holding us back, allowing us to fully release into the freedom of our inherent sounds.

By becoming mindful of where our minds and bodies are at at all times during our vocal practice, we begin to recognize and step away from anything that is not serving our purpose, and therefore vocal technique becomes more enjoyable, exciting, and motivational rather than discouraging.

Being an entertainer for the duration of her life, Jenisa has recognized that there is not nearly enough being done about mental health and well-being in the entertainment industry, and that the association singing has with the feeling of "not being good enough" is an overwhelmingly unified notion amongst 90% of the people she has ever worked with.

The JdCV voice and wellness methodology balances a systematic approach to proper vocal coordination and endurance building with scientifically backed exercises in neuroplasticity, visualization, breath work, and energetic movement. It uses conditioning that allows the brain to become more mindful and focus in on the minute aspects of vocal work. This builds new patterns in the mind towards understanding of the human voice, allowing of relaxation in the body, and acceptance of self throughout the singing process.

The purpose is to shift the idea of using the voice from a fear-based mindset, into the idea that using the voice is a holistic practice meant for us to truly share our deepest truths, and ANYONE can learn how to do it.

start your vocal journey today!

45 to 90 minute Vocal or Energetic Sessions with a Highly Trained Instructor



30 to 45 minute Vocal Technique Sessions with a Highly Trained Instructor. Sessions incorporate Vocal Coordination, Mental Health, and Energy Work. Online Sessions Available.



Begin your singing journey

with a Customized Vocal

and/or Energetic Package



30 to 45 minute Vocal Coaching Sessions with a Highly Trained Instructor. Sessions include work on Spoken Presentations, Auditions, Communication Skills, and More. Online Sessions Available.

Vocal Coaching

Mental and Energetic Trainings

Access to monthly Energetic services at lower rates,

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Mind, Body,

and Spirit


Access to Mental Health Trainings, Energy Release Practices, and Vocal Technique Exercises in a Group Setting. Online Sessions Available.

Vocal and Energetic Workshops

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