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hear what they say about jdc voice and its products and services

TINA G. – HVT: Evolution

Tina came to me struggling with her voice and communication at work. She felt she had so much to say, but would hold herself back out of fear of rejection, causing her to get hot and flustered when she was presented with a high pressure situation at work. She also loved to sing, but she was always afraid of how others would perceive her because she has never had formal training. Through the program, she was able to access her intuition and manage her high pressure situations at work, while also finding SO much power and confidence in her singing voice. So much so, that she came back for a second round!

"I experienced really a transformation . . . I've become more confident, I've become louder . . . I learned so many different tools that I can use for the rest of my life." - Tina G.

vincent c. – HVT: Evolution

Vincent came to me searching for his "authentic voice." He has been acting for years, and always felt more comfortable using character voices over his own. He felt at home in these voices because he was able to explore different aspects of his speaking voice that he couldn't access otherwise. As a singer, he felt that his voice was only meant to stay in his lower ranges. Through the program, we were able to unlock and explore his full vocal potential, allowing him to understand how to get to certain parts of his voice that he didn't even know were there. Through his singing, vocal, and energetic practices he surprised himself with his vocal range and hit notes he was never able to before.

"We use our voices every single day. So being able to get more in touch with my authentic voice, and not the voice that I think I should have . . . I found, even in my everyday life, that I'm just much more free with my voice." - Vincent C.

CHRISTINA E. – HVT: Evolution

Christina came to me after struggling to find a vocal teacher that truly understood her on a spiritual and emotional level. She had always wanted to sing but never committed to a teacher because she was nervous that they wouldn't accept her as she was and would put "the fear of singing" into her. Through the program, she was able to unlock her inner voice and understand that her singing expression was a means for holistic healing. She made so many breakthroughs throughout our work together, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and vocally, and is still studying with me to this day!

"I walked away with a stronger voice, I feel more empowered in my body, I'm able to reach notes I wasn't able to hit, and finishing the program . . . my mind is clearer, my goals are being achieved, and I feel physically aligned." - Christina E.

donovan m. – HVT: Evolution

Donovan came to me with "imposter syndrome." He had been cast in many Musical Theatre shows, yet he still felt like he was the worst singer in the group and didn't belong there (after knowing him for many years, this was not at all the case). Through the program, we were able to bring attention to releasing the physical tension that was holding him back vocally. We discovered new forms of expression and found ease on parts of his song that felt like a struggle to get through before. He recognized that singing is a process of discovery and exploration and that it is not an "end all, be all" process, even after you get the job.

"Just like, every single day within the practice and throughout the program, there was some new discovery that really . . . excited me in a way that no other voice lessons or no other process has really given me before." - Donovan M.

alden h. – HVT: Evolution

Alden came to me at a time in her life when she was uncertain of her life's path. She had so many options, talents, and expertise, but she couldn't decide what was truly "right" for her. She realized soon after beginning the program that she needed to access her intuition, and her "inner voice" to be able to truly handle the overwhelm she was feeling in her life. Through the program, she accomplished not only that, but she also found physical grounding and presence in her energy, AND she learned to use her speaking voice in a clear, decisive, and energetic way.

"I'm not a singer . . . but your voice can be used in so many different ways and [this program] really helped me with vocalizing my needs and being my true self . . . Jenisa is amazing!" - Alden H.

julia h. – HVT: Evolution

Julia was introduced to me after realizing that she wanted to come back to singing after taking years away from it – due to fears surrounding using her voice and performing. Technically, she found herself with a scratchy voice after singing songs and was looking for more vocal strength and control. Throughout the program, we were able to find Julia's true "chest voice," remedying her scratchy throat symptoms. She was also able to make a huge mindset shift – realizing that she CAN do the things she once thought impossible! And she is still taking lessons with me to this day!

"With all the different exercises she gave me, whether it was energetic or breathing or vocal exercises, I

found that there was all this space in my body that I didn't know existed, and I was able to hit notes with a

certain resonance that I didn't know I had." - Julia H.

JAIBEE S. – ADNF monthly subscription 

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 1.29.35 AM.png

"My experience with JDC voice was nothing short of incredible. I automatically felt comfortable as Jenisa walked me through every step of the lesson letting me know how we would be begin, end, and what to expect. I already felt like I was in a safe space where I knew I’d be cared for.

We began with a meditation that allowed me to be guided to a place of calm while maintaining an intention of a soft focus. At the end of the mediation the tension had dropped away from my body and I felt loose and ready to make sound.

Before we began Jenisa asked me to focus on the intention and feeling behind the sounds that she would invite me to make and not the product. She emphasized the importance of feeling free to “sound bad” and make mistakes as there was no proper sound to achieve, we were simply there to explore.

As Jenisa took me through different vocal eases, she’s encouraged me to breathe deeply and release as I felt I could. If at any time she recognized  any tension or any potential space for release . . . Not once did it feel intrusive or surprising, but like being guided to the ease and fluidity of my breath and voice. 

If at any time throughout the lesson I was confused or need clarity, Jenisa was able to give both an energetic and anatomical explanation for what could be happening at the base of my question within my voice and body; this knowledge of both fields allowed me to feel open to explore in a way that I have not yet previously experienced in a standard voice lesson.

In less than 40min I found ease space and freedom with my voice and I cannot wait to continue exploring with JDC voice." - Jaibee S.

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