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founder, vocal instructor, energy worker, entrepreneur.

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Jenisa de Castro is an NYU graduate dedicated to giving YOU the tools you need to find freedom and ease with your mind, body, and voice.


She has studied under many world renowned vocal and wellness professionals such as Seth Riggs (SLS), Michael Goodrich (The Inner Voice), Brett Manning (Singing Success), Laura Fine (Lionheart Institute for Transpersonal Energy Healing), and Marisa Peer (Hypnotherapist).

She started her music career at the age of 12, when she started dancing and singing professionally, and has performed extensively as a lead singer for both live shows and studio recordings.


Jenisa is also a freelance actor and dancer and has worked with many world renowned theatre instructors such as Michael McElroy (Rent, actor), Michele Shay (A Streetcar Named Desire, actor), and Kent Gash (Barbecue, dir.).


Through multiple modes of being an entertainer, throughout the years Jenisa has gone through rigorous expectation of her voice, her talents, and herself. She understands stage fright, fear of rejection, and the insatiable desire to not be where we currently are.


So she found a solution. The Holistic Voice Methodology.

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ongoing social project

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